Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine interview with Caglar Gurcan

mag 1. Could you provide a brief overview of the company, i.e. history, size and range of your operations? Enpet Energy & Petroleum Ltd. offers technical drilling consulting services and equipment supplier to the upstream oil and gas industry with professionals that have over 30 years of management and engineering experience. Enpet’s primary focus is the evaluation, design and execution of drilling and completion operations, both onshore and offshore. We also offer wide range of petroleum drilling equipment. 2. Enpet is the Middle East’s leading drilling consultants. Could you tell me about your services and their applications? We provide design engineering, drilling programs, cost estimates, wellsite supervision and engineering economic analysis. Our drilling consultants are practical, reliable and selected specifically for the job. Enpet offers full-cycle engineering skills for all aspects of advanced upstream technologies, so our clients receive maximum project efficiency across the board. 3. Where and what are the opportunities for growth, for example, investment in technologies, expansion of your range of products and services? We certainly have the products that meet or exceed our clients expectations in terms of cost and benefit received. We are working with the right manufacturers and the right people. Our focus is to take our operations worldwide in order to continue growing. Our primary focus is to enhance the technical knowledge on Offshore Drilling in Turkey due to our geographical presence. 4. What are the major issues facing you and the wider industry today? To what extent are you able to remain proactive within the current economic climate? Overall the Oil & Gas industry is a very stable industry. However we are getting affected just like any other company out there. Any of our competitors/customers can type the name of the product in a search engine and get in touch with no name manufacturer on the other side of the world. It’s not about quality or the service anymore, it’s about cost. However choosing just the cost has its own price. Energy sector is a very demanding and a fast pace industry. We have to work very hard to meet and exceed the quality standards of our customers. There is no room for error so 100% satisfaction 100% of the time is required. 5. How do you manage your supply chain? Do you maintain long term relationships with key partners, and network via industry associations/trade shows, for example? In addition to meeting with our suppliers annually every year we visit the biggest Oil & Gas show in Houston, TX. In the past we participated as and attendee but this year are also setting up a booth as an exhibitor. We are one of the first three companies to setup a booth from Turkey in the history of Offshore Technology Conference in Houston. 6. Could you outline any past, current or future key projects that you would like mentioned in the article. We played an integral role in helping Turkish Petroleum Corporation in their effort to start their exploration work in the Black Sea. We are currently in communication with the Kenya in developing their Geothermal Energy sources. 7. Do you have any personal comments or comments from other management that you would like to include within the article? Our business strength comes from our trusting and ethical dealings with our partnering suppliers. This process takes time but it is well worth the effort once the relationship is established. 8. Finally, as we are an Oil and Gas focussed publication, are there any related items of news or interest that you would like to include? Turkey is an emerging market with many oil and natural gas fields which are prime for exploration, we are here to support at every step of the way to those who are in search of a serious partner in the area.

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